Neglect And Abuse Of Children Throughout Los Angeles

The criminal justice system is designed to determine what happens to someone who sexually assaulted, abused, molested, physically injured or killed a child. And that outcome is largely out of a parent's hands.

However, there may be grounds for a civil lawsuit against a child care provider, employer, non-profit agency, or public institution that failed in a duty to investigate and report neglect or allegations of physical and/or sexual abuse.

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Could the Child Abuse Or Neglect Have Been Prevented?

Parents entrust their children's care to a number of people for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the government steps into the shoes of the parent and it oversees a child's welfare. Regardless of who is watching the kids, kids sometimes become victims due to another's criminal conduct or bureaucratic incompetence. Children can be injured or killed when under the supervision of:

  • Home day care providers (abuse by the provider or a family member in the house)
  • Child care centers
  • Public and private schools (abuse by teachers, staff or classmates)
  • Youth centers (molestation by adults or other kids)
  • Athletic associations (sexual overtures by a coach)
  • Government social service agencies (incompetent case management)
  • Other entities that supervise children

Financial Justice: Representing The Rights Of Abused And Neglected Children

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