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Posts tagged "retaliation"

Penalties for whistleblower retaliation

In a previous post on this blog, it was explained that California employees that act as whistleblowers have certain protections. California laws protect employers that act as whistleblowers from facing retaliation in the workplace. These employment laws make it illegal for employers to terminate an employee for whistleblowing or for enacting any rules that would limit an employee's ability to act as a whistleblower.

California woman files $13 million wrongful termination suit

A California woman has sued her employer for wrongful termination. In this case, the woman claims that she was terminated by her employer following demeaning and inappropriate behavior. According to reports, the woman -- a football player in the so-called "Lingerie Bowl" -- was the personal assistance to a man. The woman says that the man used her has a way to attract the attention of other women.

Can you be terminated without notice in California?

California employees rely on their jobs in order to get income. Without that income they may not be able to support their families and meet all their financial obligations. For this reason, when someone is terminated from their job, they are usually very upset. In some cases, the termination may be expected; however, other times the termination comes out of the blue. This can lead some people to question if a person can be terminated from a job in California without notice.

Man sues state Bar Association over wrongful termination

California employees can expect not to be face retaliation in the workplace. Retaliation occurs when an employee is punished for reporting illegal behavior, complaining about unsafe work conditions or otherwise engaging in whistleblowing. If an employee's contract is terminated or a person is fired in retaliation then according to California employment laws a wrongful termination may have taken place.

Wrongful termination can be devastating -- let us help

Most Californians rely on their jobs as a way to support themselves and their families. But, for many people, their jobs are something more than that. For some, their job is a source of pride, a way to accomplish goals and work as part of a broader community. When that is suddenly and illegally taken away from someone the results are devastating. People can lose not only their income, but a major part of their lives.

Factors that contribute to a wrongful termination

Most California employees can be terminated from their employment at any time. In other words, they are at-will employees. This status gives employees few rights when it comes to termination. This means that most employers have the right to fire an employee for any or no reason. However, California and federal employment laws prevent an employee from being terminated for a few illegal reasons. If one of these illegal reasons is used to terminate an employee, then a wrongful termination has occurred.

California city attorney sues over wrongful termination

California employees often have access to a lot of information about their employers' business. They may have access to financial records, to business dealings and contracts and to other important information. In many cases, this information is necessary to legally run the business.

Nurse sues hospital over wrongful termination

Most California employees are at-will employees. This means that they can be terminated by their employers at any time without reason or prior notification. However under state and federal employment laws, there are certain situations which the employer does not have the right to terminate an employee. A termination based on illegal discrimination or in retaliation for whistleblowing is not allowed. In other words, these are generally wrongful terminations.

California worker reinstated after termination

The project manager for a California jail project will return to work following his termination. According to reports, the man worked for the county for more than a decade before being terminated. The county claims that the man was let go in July 2013 because he claimed that he was a professional engineer. However, he was not licensed in the state of California, but was a P.E. in another state. The county claimed that he knowingly broke the code of conduct by using this designation.

California truck drivers allege employee rights violations

Recently, truck drivers operating out of the Port of Los Angeles have staged a demonstration to bring awareness to employees' rights violations. This strike is just one of many that has occurred in recent months over working conditions. According to the drivers, they face workplace violations on a number of different issues.

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