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Posts tagged "safe working conditions"

Farmworkers in California have many workplace protections

Many people in California work in agriculture. These hard working individuals are responsible for planting and harvesting many of the crops that the state produces. While these people fill an essential role in the state's economy, they are often subject to unsafe working conditions and inadequate pay. These can include exposure to dangerous machinery without adequate training, long hours in the hot sun and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Despite these dangers, many of these workers receive less than minimum wage for their hard work.

Employees protest working conditions

Over 25,000 signatures have been gathered protesting the working conditions for employees working for the popular shoe company Skechers. According to reports, workers signed various petitions in hopes that the company would investigate contractors and subcontractors that are used in making and distributing the shoes around the country.

Working conditions at Los Angeles airport questioned

California employees likely have many expectations when it comes to their workplaces. The simplest may be that their workplaces are safe. No one wants to go to work and be exposed to unsafe working conditions that could put them or their co-workers at risk. Employment laws agree, and require safe working conditions in all California businesses.

California workers can bring pay and benefit suits

California employees generally go to work to support themselves and their families. In exchange for their hard work, employees expect to be compensated. California and federal employment laws include minimum wage laws that define how little an employee can make per hour.

California temp workers face unsafe working conditions

California workers may go to work and expect to be safe. Safe working conditions, after all, are a basic employee right. In an effort to make the environment safe, employers should provide training and safety equipment. There should be procedures in place that help to prevent an accident and instruct employees on how to react should an unfortunate event occur. Federal and state employee laws also provide minimum standards, in many cases, for how employers need to treat employees when it comes to safety.

California workers may see higher minimum wage

In California, most employees are at will employees. This means that they can be hired and fired at the will of the employer without much explanation. Being an at will employee can often be frustrating for Californians as they may feel like they have very little control over their employment situation.

New employee rights bill could protect immigrant workers

No matter what occupation employees are working in, they have the right to be safe while working in California. Under California employment laws, employees do not need to tolerate unsafe working conditions. In many cases, there are standards that employers need to live up to or else they can face scrutiny from the state. If employees report unsafe working conditions to state, federal or other agencies they cannot be fired or face any sort of retaliation at work for doing so.

Los Angeles crash leads to questions about workers' safety

On Feb. 10, a helicopter crashed in Los Angeles County at the Polsa Rosa Ranch, killing three people. This helicopter was a working on the production of a new reality television show for the Discovery Network. The Polsa Rosa Ranch is popular site for filming of all kinds. The accident has led some in the entertainment community to question whether employment laws are doing enough to protect those working on reality television programs.

Lgbt employees seeing more protections against discrimination

Employers have a lot of discretion in determining who to hire for a position, what benefits to offer, what pay to offer and what is required of the employee. Most employees are at will employees, so employers can also fire them without cause for almost any reason. However, both California and federal employment laws protect employees against discrimination.

Los Angeles Wal-Mart employees raise concerns over retaliation

In California, workers have the right to be treated fairly and feel safe on the job. Chief among these rights is the need for all workers to be compensated adequately for the work they perform, which is mandated and defined by state and federal law. These employee laws require that employers pay minimum wages, at the very least, for the amount of time that employees actually work.

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