Experienced Woodland Hills Attorneys Handling Employment Law And Personal Injury

We take great pride in the work we do because it gives us the chance to turn our clients' lives around. Even when it seems like no one else is willing to help; our clients can rely on us to get things done. We don't back down, and we don't settle for less than what our clients deserve.

At Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, we represent clients in employment law and personal injury cases throughout Southern California including but not limited to Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Kern County. Our clients often come to us after having gone through extraordinary circumstances. Whether they have been struggling with disputes at work when they should be building toward success, or they have been dealing with the unanticipated consequences of a serious personal injury or a wrongful death, we are here to help.

We help our clients overcome financial, physical or workplace obstacles through seasoned and aggressive legal counsel. Contact us today to discuss your case with a lawyer who can achieve the results you are looking for.