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Fighting Back Against Gender Discrimination

It is common knowledge that it is against the law to discriminate in employment based on age, race, disability, gender, sexual preference and other factors. It is also common knowledge that discrimination still exists.

At Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, our Los Angeles gender discrimination attorneys work on behalf of the GLBT community to uphold the laws and put an end to discrimination based on gender or sexual preference. We work on employee rights one case and one individual at a time.

Our attorneys have a deep knowledge of the laws involved and of the employer responsibility to provide a safe atmosphere that is free of sexual harassment and is not a hostile work environment.

What Is Illegal GLBT Discrimination?

Discrimination based on gender or sexual preference does not always appear in a blatant manner. Discrimination could be a subtle as offensive slurs and insults in a break room. More obvious examples of discrimination would be unequal pay for gay or lesbian employees, or assigning demeaning duties only to GLBT staff.

When we can prove GLBT or gender discrimination, our clients qualify for damages, including: restraining orders on the violators; actual damages such as lost wages, emotional suffering and distress; punitive damages; civil penalties; and attorneys’ fees and out-of-pocket costs.

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