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Defending The Rights Of Victims Of Alcohol-Related Injuries

Whenever someone takes that first drink of alcohol, they are assuming a legal risk for bad things that can happen — whether causing an automobile crash, starting a fight, injuries to children. The person or entity that provides the alcohol may also be accountable for injury or death.

Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, in Woodland Hills, has handled a number of personal injury and wrongful death cases in which alcohol or drugs played a major or contributing role. Our challenge is to establish the link between the intoxication and the injury, and to bring the claim under an applicable law of liability.

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Proving Liability: Making The Connection

Between Alcohol And Your Injury

Trial lawyer Mark Avila has practiced since 1993, and has a reputation for “thinking outside the box” in pursuit of compensation for his clients. He has secured settlements and jury verdicts in a number of lawsuits involving alcohol or drug use. Not every alcohol-related accident makes a good case, but examples of potential liability include:

  • The bar that served an obviously drunk person who then runs over a swimmer with his boat
  • A drunk driving fatality traced back to the adult host who gave beer to a teenager
  • The frat boys who force a freshman to drink a fatal amount of liquor
  • The woman who passes out while a child in her care gets lost or drowns in the pool
  • The jealous, whiskey-fueled boyfriend who pummels someone in a bar

We talk to witnesses, establish the chain of events leading up to the accident, and look into the history of the negligent person or entity: past lawsuits, history of addiction, convictions for drunk driving, assault or disorderly conduct. In addition to dramshop liability and social host liability (those who provided the alcohol), we explore negligent security, negligent supervision and other third-party liability that may apply.

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Our goal is to secure compensation for the victim who did nothing wrong but cross paths with an intoxicated person. Contact us today. There may not be a viable lawsuit for an alcohol-related accident, but it costs you nothing to find out, and if we pursue the case there are no attorney’s fees unless we win.