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Fighting For The Rights Of Motorcycle Accident Victims

“The Motorcycle Came Out Of Nowhere … “

These days, many automobile drivers are so busy talking on the phone, texting messages, checking email, drinking coffee, looking at billboards or in the mirror (just to name a few distractions) — so that little time or focus is left to pay attention to driving.

Unfortunately, when an automobile vs. motorcycle accident happens, inattentive, negligent, and guilty drivers are often quick to blame the motorcyclist. Not surprisingly, profit-driven insurance companies are also quick to blame the motorcycle rider and often claim that the motorcyclist must have done something to have caused or contributed to the accident.

Proving What Happened In Your Motorcycle Crash

At Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, we don’t accept lame excuses. We hold negligent motorists accountable for their inattention. Early investigation into the cause(s) of an accident, preservation of evidence, and aggressive motorcycle rider representation can make the difference between no compensation, nominal compensation, and just compensation.

Was the inattentive driver the sole cause of the rider’s injuries or were the motorcycle, helmet, or protective gear contributing factors? When liability is unreasonably disputed and our client is not at fault, professional investigators and accident reconstruction experts can also help prove what really happened.

Attorneys Experienced With Motorcycle Accidents

Call us immediately at for the aggressive representation required to secure full compensation for serious motorcycle injuries and fatalities. We offer a free consultation and take cases throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California.

The Aftermath Of A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents rarely result in minor injuries for the rider who goes down on his or her bike. Because a rider is completely exposed to the asphalt, other vehicles on it, and does not have the protective shell that an automobile provides, motorcyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, back and neck injury, severe road rash abrasions, scarring, spinal cord injury, brain damage, loss of limbs and death.

Because biker injuries are so serious, we work closely with our clients and their doctors to determine their long-term impact. Surgery, rehabilitation, ongoing medical care, medical bills, lost earnings, as well as pain and suffering damages must all be taken into account when deciding what value a case has, and whether it can be settled or taken to trial.

When a motorcycle crash results in the wrongful death of the motorcyclist, we work closely with the family of the fatal motorcycle accident victim to understand the full impact that their tragic loss has had, and will continue to have, on the family.

When The Motorcyclist Was Partly Responsible

In some cases, the motorcyclist may be partly to blame for the accident. Even so, monetary compensation can still be obtained depending on the facts of the case. We carefully evaluate the facts and present the strongest case for maximum recovery.

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