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Helping Victims Of Employment Misrepresentation

When a key employee such as an executive or senior level manager is hired, it may be after a nationwide search. The new employee could have terminated other employment and uprooted a family to move across the state or across the country for his or her new position. If you have discovered employment misrepresentation at this point after relocation and the accompanying family disruption, we are available to help you. Our Los Angeles employment misrepresentation attorneys would like to help.

California Labor Code 970 states in part that “No person, or agent or officer thereof, directly or indirectly, shall influence, persuade, or engage any person to change from one place to another in this state or misrepresent (a) The kind, character, or existence of such work; (b) The length of time such work will last, or the compensation therefore; (c) The sanitary or housing conditions relating to or surrounding the work …”

Our lawyers at Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law can help you pursue a 970 employer fraud claim. This is a serious charge and the damages are trebled if the employer is found guilty of employment misrepresentation.

What Is Considered To Be Employment Fraud?

There are a number of actions or inactions which could be considered employment fraud. Please contact our law firm if you are experiencing any of the following types of issues.

  • Are your wages different than you expected? This would include nonexempt wages, commissions or bonuses or other financial payments.
  • Is your responsibility different than promised? This could include your responsibility for direct reports or for your direct duties and responsibilities.
  • Are the conditions different than agreed upon? Have you not been given a fair opportunity to prove your skill and worth to the company? This would include anything, including your expected amount of travel.
  • Are your benefits different than you planned on? This would include anything from medical benefits to your 401(k) or your fringe benefits.

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