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Handling Class Action Lawsuits For Wage-Hour And Overtime Violations

Employment laws are created for a reason. They are there to protect employees from being taken advantage of by their employers and to provide employers with guidelines as to what is and what is not allowed. There are a number of California and federal laws which govern employers and are managed by the California Department of Industrial Relations and other government entities.

At Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, in Woodland Hills (the Los Angeles area) we would like to speak to you if you and your fellow colleagues at work are being denied your wages or overtime pay. We can protect your rights. There is strength in numbers.

  • Are employees in your area asked to work during a lunch break?
  • Are employees in your department asked to clock out and then stay at work “off the clock”?
  • Do you have a desk, a phone and work company hours but your employer calls you an “independent contractor”?
  • Did your employer ask you to waive overtime pay as a condition of employment?
  • Did your employer delay payment of wages or commissions when you were terminated or within three days of your resignation?

These types of activities are not legal. Our Los Angeles wage and hour claim attorneys regularly go head-to-head against large law firms and corporate counsel. Contact our lawyers for the protection you need and the attention you deserve.

Get The Overtime Pay You Deserve

Compensation disputes often arise when an employee is asked to forgo payment for overtime. An employer may ask you to work overtime one week and work less the following week. You should know that if you are an hourly employee, your employer is required to pay you overtime (time and a half) for any hours worked that are more than 8 hours per workday or 40 hours per workweek.

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