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Standing Up For Those Harmed In Breaches Of Employment Contracts

California is an “at will” state, meaning that in general employers can terminate employment for a wide variety of reasons, as long as the employer does not violate discrimination laws or public policy. However, under some circumstances, employees work under specific implied or written contracts. The options available to you depend upon the terms of your original employment.

  • Do you have a written contract or is it verbal?
  • Is your written contract specific to your position, or is it the implied contract as stated in an employee handbook?
  • Does your employee handbook contain provisions for mandatory arbitration for employment disputes?

In general, arbitration agreements in employee handbooks are heavily weighted toward the employer. Our law firm has been successful in voiding many arbitration agreements so an employee can have fair treatment in court.

If you have not yet signed, and are in a position to negotiate for a fair employment contract our attorneys at Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law are experienced employment lawyers who can review employment contracts to make certain your rights are being protected.

Experienced Contract Dispute And Litigation Attorneys

Contract disputes can arise out of a number of disagreements or differences of opinion. Is your employer requesting that you perform a duty or activity that you were not hired to do? Did your employer fail to pay you commissions, bonuses or salaries as promised? Depending on your employment contract, we can present you with some options. Were you denied family or medical leave? This is not only a breach of contract but is also against the law. Were your post-employment rights violated? Our law firm can help you with severance negotiation as well as help you with post-employment issues such as defamation by your employer or wrongful termination claims.

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