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Children’s Injuries: Criminal Conduct, Negligent Supervision And Safety Hazards

Every day, kids are injured in many normal ways — some fall down while playing and get a scrape, some get hit by a bouncing ball and cry, others bump their heads while crawling under a table. These are the bumps and bruises of a normal childhood.

Tragically, some children suffer more than their fair share of bumps and bruises because someone was negligent in supervising them, designing a product intended for their use, or intended to cause them emotional and/or physical harm.

Did Someone Fail To Keep Your Child Safe?

If your child was injured or killed while in the care of others, you need to know whether the accident could have reasonably been prevented. If your child was injured or killed by a dangerous product, individual, or property condition, you need to know whether someone should be held accountable. Avila and Shaddow, in Woodland Hills, are aggressive attorneys who help children and families get answers to difficult questions and maximum compensation for needless injury or death to a child.

Aggressive Representation For Injured Children

Call Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law to discuss the facts of your child’s situation with an experienced attorney. We have helped many parents resolve personal injury claims involving children. Call for a free consultation in the Los Angeles area or Southern California.

Demonstrating Negligence In Children’s Injuries

Unfortunately, child injuries are caused by too many things to list here. However, some causes are:

  • Automobile accidents (kids struck while playing, riding a bicycle, skating, walking)
  • Defective products (unsafe toys, furniture, and other goods)
  • Dog attacks, bites, and mauling
  • Food poisoning (E. coli or salmonella from contaminated food or unsanitary food preparation)
  • Poisoning
  • Negligent supervision (children who were entrusted to another’s care and were injured due to the carelessness of the caretaker)
  • Park, playground and backyard injuries
  • Physical or sexual abuse (by an adult, caretaker, child, clergy person, teacher)
  • Pool drowning or other child fatality

Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law has helped parents of injured and deceased children throughout the Los Angeles area hold negligent and criminal wrongdoers financially accountable for their actions. When we represent the interests of an injured child or the parents of a child who has suffered a wrongful death, parents rightfully expect us to be responsive to their questions, to understand their mixed emotions, fear or grief, and to fully investigate into the causes of their child’s injury. We don’t consider these parental expectation tasks, but rather an honor as we have been chosen to advocate on behalf of their most precious asset.

We Will Fight On Your Child’s Behalf

Contact Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law for aggressive representation and compassionate, personalized attention from an experienced lawyer.