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Knowledgeable Representation For Commercial Vehicle Accident Victims

A commercial vehicle accident — whether it involves a semi crash, a tractor-trailer accident, or a collision with a UPS truck, a FedEx truck, a delivery van, or any other commercial vehicle — involves complex legal issues. These accidents usually also involve very serious injuries or fatalities.

It takes an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer who will thoroughly investigate and document the case to aggressively pursue full compensation for the accident victims and their families.

Pursuing Compensation For Commercial Vehicle Accident Victims

At the law firm of Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law, our personal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate commercial truck accidents and prepare each case with the level of detail and attentiveness that will be necessary if the case proceeds to trial or arbitration. This level of case preparation enables us to maximize the financial recovery our clients receive.

Representing injured clients since 1999: Contact our truck accident lawyers if you or a loved one has been involved in a serious commercial vehicle accident in the greater Los Angeles area or throughout Southern California. Call for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We Will Give Your Case The Attention It Deserves

Commercial vehicle accident litigation can involve various parties — all who will undoubtedly deny responsibility or liability for the accident and resulting injuries. Our experienced and attentive personal injury trial team knows who to mount a strong case for each client’s recovery, whether the case involves corporate negligence of the commercial transportation company or the negligence and misconduct of an individual floral delivery driver.

We thoroughly analyze the causal factors, examine the overlapping insurance coverage, and carefully identify and expose the parties who are responsible for a client’s suffering. We then file claims to hold all negligent parties accountable:

  • Commercial driver negligence: Whether the driver is operating an 18-wheeler, delivery truck, a utility vehicle, or a company van, the driver has a responsibility to drive cautiously. When the driver drives too many hours at a time, speeds, drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or otherwise drives without regard for other vehicles on the road, the commercial driver can cause life-altering injuries and fatalities. We hold companies accountable for the negligence of their employees.
  • Commercial transportation and delivery companies: A significant portion of commercial vehicle accidents involve large tractor-trailers or other vehicles in which the operation and maintenance are heavily governed by state and federal trucking regulations. Whether a car accident case involves a large corporate transportation entity or a small local delivery company, our attorneys know how to investigate the actions of the company and pursue rightful compensation for truck accident victims and their families.

Additionally, in cases involving defective brakes, defective tires, and other auto or truck defects, we pursue third-party claims against negligent manufacturers, engineers, distributors, and other responsible parties.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Southern California, you can count on Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law for aggressive, experienced, and thorough representation. Contact our Los Angeles and Woodland Hills car accident attorneys today for a free consultation following a truck accident.