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Helping The Injured Obtain Compensation For Playground Accidents And Homeowner Negligence

Every day, someone suffers an injury from using a trampoline, swing set, swimming pool, or diving board. People are also injured because of activities or carelessness that lead to injury —piñata injuries from being hit by a bat, unlocked and loaded firearms, or unmaintained premises, where a dangerous condition causes injury.

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The Los Angeles law firm of Avila & Shaddow Attorneys at Law pursues full compensation for playground injuries and “backyard” accidents suffered by children (or adults). Our attorneys represent clients throughout the Los Angeles area and Southern California.

Your Options For Recovering Compensation

A bump or a bruise is one thing. A broken arm, spinal injury, severe laceration requiring stitches, head trauma, or wrongful death is another. It is normal to feel awkward about making a personal injury claim when one of these types of injuries occurs at the home of a friend, neighbor or relative, child care center, or local restaurant that has play equipment. It may be your only recourse, however, if you or your loved one is seriously injured, permanently disabled, or deceased.

In these serious injury cases, you will likely face massive bills for medical treatment, future life care planning and lost earnings. What should you do? Many people and companies have insurance, and therefore, when you sue them, their insurance company may actually be the one you are seeking money from. But even if there is no insurance, you need to consider what you will do if no one is held responsible.

Key Issues When Determining Fault In Playground Accidents And Homeowner Negligence

The common thread of successful child injury lawsuits is (a) a foreseeable danger and/or (b) lack of reasonable care.

Was the equipment in disrepair? Were there too many kids on the apparatus? Did an adult with common sense ever step in to say “Stop that”? Was there even an adult in the vicinity? Our firm can help you investigate and answer these questions to build a case for maximum compensation.

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