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Posts tagged "harassment"

What is the role of the EEOC in discrimination cases?

California employees need to understand basic employment laws so that they are not taken advantage of by their employers. In particular, they should understand that employers cannot discriminate against employees because of the employee's race, religion, gender, age, national origin or other similar protected categories. If discrimination occurs on these or other similar grounds, then the employee might have the right to take legal action.

What is age discrimination?

This blog has, from time to time, discussed workplace discrimination. California employees should understand that workplace discrimination is illegal if the discrimination is based upon certain factors. These factors include an employee's race, religion, national origin, gender and age. However, people should be aware that age discrimination only applies in certain contexts.

Rights under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act

When people go to work, they can sometimes feel powerless. They may think that their employer has control over everything and can act in any way the employer chooses. However, in California, employers are subject to the rules outlined in the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. This act protects employees in many important ways.

California teacher sues over sexual orientation discrimination

Federal and state employment laws prohibit employers from discriminating on the basis of certain factors. Under California employee laws, employers cannot discriminate against an employee because of that person's sexual orientation.

Report claims that Muslims suffer from religious discrimination

Workplace discrimination is illegal in California. There are both state and federal laws that protect workers from having to suffer as a result of discrimination on behalf of their employer. In particular the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act, protects workers from suffering from discrimination based on their religion. This law, in particular, says that employers must make reasonable accommodations for an employee's religious beliefs and religious observances unless these accommodations would cause undue hardship.

California employee settles discrimination suit with state

Discrimination based on an employee's sex is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact, under Title VII, workplace discrimination is prohibited based on a variety of factors including national origin, religion, race and color. If employers learn of, or participate in, discrimination based on one of these factors, they are responsible for stopping this behavior. If employers fail to stop workplace discrimination based on sex -- or another factor -- then a California employee may have legal rights.

Former UCLA employee sues school for racial discrimination

A former employee of the University of California Los Angeles has sued the school, her former supervisor and multiple other people claiming that she was discriminated against. Specifically, the woman says that the decision to lay her off was based on her race.

Gender discrimination suit against California city settled

A former California city manager has settled a lawsuit with her former employer. The woman sued the city claiming that the city had participated in workplace discrimination. According to the woman, she was paid significantly less than the male city manager before her. She claims she was even asked to take pay cuts when she was entitled to pay raises.

California employee brings workplace discrimination suit

California employers have rules that prevent them from discriminating against employees. While many people may understand this, many employees don't speak up when it happens to them. However, one California employee has spoken up by filing a workplace discrimination suit against his former employer -- Home Depot.

L.A. firefighter receives workplace discrimination settlement

A Los Angeles, California, firefighter has received a nearly $500,000 settlement from his employer, the Los Angeles Fire Department, after he faced harassment that violated employment law under the Civil Rights Act. This firefighter repeatedly faced sexual discrimination and also religious discrimination from his co-workers.

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