Former employee sues Google for discrimination

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Generally speaking, California employers are not allowed to use race or gender when making a hiring decision. One man who used to work for YouTube claimed Google refused to hire both white and Asian men. He was terminated from the company in November 2017, and the man claims that this was done because he did not agree with the company’s diversity policies. The discrimination lawsuit was filed in January 2018.

According to the lawsuit, the company enacted a policy in which only underrepresented minorities were allowed to interview for jobs in the technical department. In 2017, the company’s workforce was 69 percent male and that 91 percent of those employees were either white or Asian. The lawsuit also claimed that employees complained about the hiring practice, but that they were either demoted or ignored.

Some also reportedly complained about taking part in “Project Mirror”. This program required individuals to conduct interviews with those from their own race or gender. Google commented on the lawsuit by saying that it cares more about merit than what a person looks like when making a hiring decision. In addition to this lawsuit, the company faces allegations that it created a culture that allowed sexual harassment to thrive.

Failing to hire a person based on gender, race or other protected attributes may be a violation of a person’s civil rights. A person may prove that race or gender played a role in losing out on a job by gathering personnel records from the company in question. It may also be possible to use direct statements made by hiring managers or others associated with the company. An attorney may help gather evidence or take other steps to help a person obtain a favorable outcome.

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