How to achieve gender equity at work

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According to a report from Chartered Management Institute (CMI) more than 80 percent of women have witnessed discriminatory behavior at work. Furthermore, 80 percent of men have also observed such behavior according to the report. Therefore, it is likely that workers in California have seen such discrimination take place. However, it is less likely that executives within an organization are taking steps to address the issue.

This may lead to what are referred to as “broken windows” within an organization. To help achieve gender equity in the workplace, it may be necessary to challenge behaviors that may discriminate against workers. This may be done by showing male leaders and others that gender equality is beneficial for both men and women. Change may also be made easier when it companies choose to create objective targets and measure their success at meeting those targets.

It may also be necessary to share stories and to make sure that a company’s words match its actions. For instance, the CMI report found that two out of five managers didn’t think a pay gap existed in their company. However, CMI found that the average pay gap between male and female managers was 27 percent on average. Furthermore, only 8 percent of managers knew how large the pay gap was within their own companies.

Employees who face discrimination based on their gender or other protected attributes may wish to talk with an attorney and pursue legal action against the company. Workplace harassment may include hearing lewd or offensive comments whether the victim was supposed to hear them or not. Harassment may also occur if a worker is demoted, paid less than others for doing the same job or not hired or promoted based on gender. Victims of discrimination may be entitled to compensation.

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