Steve Wynn accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women

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Californians have likely seen numerous reports of sexual harassment and misconduct by celebrities in news reports. Now, Steve Wynn, the casino mogul, has been accused of committing multiple acts of sexual harassment and assault.

In one case, Wynn settled with a manicurist for $7.5 million after he allegedly forced her to have sex with him. He reportedly paid the amount after the manicurist’s manager filed a complaint about the sexual assault with Wynn Resorts’ human resources department.

In addition to the manicurist, dozens of other Wynn employees have made allegations of sexual misconduct against Wynn. Wynn’s lawyers have argued that everything is simply a part of a smear campaign by Wynn’s ex-wife. She reportedly wants the restriction on her ability to sell her shares in Wynn Resorts lifted. According to reports, salon employees would enter fake appointments in their books and hide in the back room when they heard that Wynn was headed to the resort in an effort to avoid him.

Workers have the right to do their jobs without being subjected to lewd comments or unwelcome sexual advances. When people suffer sexual harassment or assaults at their jobs, they may want to talk to experienced employment lawyers. If the behavior rose to the level of a criminal offense, the victim may also want to file a police report. The employment lawyers may help their clients with filing their complaints within the company. If nothing is done, they might then assist their clients with filing claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the related state agency.

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