Working conditions at Los Angeles airport questioned

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California employees likely have many expectations when it comes to their workplaces. The simplest may be that their workplaces are safe. No one wants to go to work and be exposed to unsafe working conditions that could put them or their co-workers at risk. Employment laws agree, and require safe working conditions in all California businesses.

However, standards often fall short of expectations. In a recent case, a 15-year veteran employee of Menzies Aviation based at the Los Angeles International Airport was killed. According to reports, the employee was hit by a moving cart after a fall while on the job. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the accident to try and determine exactly what happened.

This latest injury comes a year after Menzies Aviation was fined $95,000 by Cal/OSHA for other workplace safety violations. Those violations came after several other employees suffered injuries while on the job.

Following this recent accident, at least one state senator has asked that working conditions at the Los Angeles International Airport be investigated. Senator Ted Lieu claims that the state should not allow unsafe conditions where workers are put at risk.

Workers who feel like their employee rights are being violated because they are subjected to unsafe working conditions while at work should know that they have legal rights. By reporting this behavior and holding employers accountable, employees can protect themselves and those they work with. Furthermore, compensation may be available if harm was caused by the unsafe conditions. This compensation can be vital in helping an employee recover from an accident or injury.

Source: Los Angeles Wave, “Airport working conditions questioned after worker’s death,” March 21, 2014

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