Employees protest working conditions

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Over 25,000 signatures have been gathered protesting the working conditions for employees working for the popular shoe company Skechers. According to reports, workers signed various petitions in hopes that the company would investigate contractors and subcontractors that are used in making and distributing the shoes around the country.

Recently, workers in California also took to the street to protest the unsafe working conditions suffered by Skechers employees. The protest occurred outside the annual shareholders meeting. The employees claim that they suffer from inhumane treatment, illegal termination, discrimination against immigrants and other unsafe working conditions. Some workers have compared the conditions to sweat-shops and many claim that employment law violations are occurring. These employees are demanding fair treatment and legal working conditions.

In response to the petitions and the protest, Skechers says it will look into the allegations against its contractors and subcontractors.

Employers in California have a large amount of power over employees. However, employees need to understand that they have certain employee rights that cannot be violated. Employees have the right to be free from discrimination, they have the right to earn minimum wage and they have the right to safe working conditions.

When employers are violating these rules, employees can hold them accountable. There are legal remedies that can prevent employers from taking advantage of employees. In some cases, by exercising these employee rights, employees can prevent further abuses from taking place or from a dangerous accident from occurring. Employees may also be entitled to compensation for the abuses they have suffered at the hands of their employers.

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