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On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Employee Rights

Under federal and state employment laws, disabled workers have the right to be free from discrimination in the workplace. People with disabilities should have every opportunity that is given to non-disabled workers. In some cases, this is possible if reasonable accommodations are made by the employer. These accommodations can include providing adaptive tools, modifying a workplace, allowing for a flexible work schedule or approving time off for doctor appointments.

In a recent blog post, some steps were outlined that can be taken to ask an employer for reasonable accommodations. If you have tried taking these steps and your employer has denied your request for reasonable accommodations, then you may have legal recourse. Additionally, if you have been passed up for a promotion at work because of your accommodation or disability, then you may have the right to take legal action.

Our firm can help you address these issues. We understand the complexities of both the federal law — the Americans with Disabilities Act — and California’s state law — the Fair Employment and Housing Act. Both of these laws can be used to help you receive the accommodations you need to complete your job.

When you have the qualifications and the training necessary for a particular job, your disability should not be a factor for employers. However, we understand that many employers do not follow this rule. In tough situations, we can help to negotiate a reasonable settlement of the dispute between you and your employer. We can help ensure that employment laws are equally applied to everyone.

However, if employers are unwilling to negotiate, our firm can be your tough advocate in court. Through litigation, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve. For more information on how our firm can help disabled workers, please see our webpage on reasonable accommodations.

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