Wrongful termination can be devastating — let us help

Most Californians rely on their jobs as a way to support themselves and their families. But, for many people, their jobs are something more than that. For some, their job is a source of pride, a way to accomplish goals and work as part of a broader community. When that is suddenly and illegally taken away from someone the results are devastating. People can lose not only their income, but a major part of their lives.

Unfortunately, for many Californians a wrongful termination is responsible for causing this type of financial and emotional pain. People can be illegally terminated as a result of discrimination or in retaliation. Thankfully, employment laws give people the opportunity to fight back against this type of mistreatment.

Our law firm understands the emotional pain that can come with a wrongful termination. We know that people may be reluctant to fight against their old employer and may just want to move forward. However, California employees should know that they have legal rights. They have the right to fight back, and our firm has the experience to help them do that.

We have represented clients that have been illegally terminated for a variety of reasons. We can help those who have been terminated for exercising their right to medical leave, those who have been terminated in retaliation for whistleblowing and for those who have been terminated for discriminatory reasons. In each case, we can examine the best course of action to get people the compensation they need following this mistreatment. While a severance package may be appropriate in one situation, a trial may be better in another. In either case, our law firm can guide people to a successful resolution of the case.

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