We work to protect employees’ rights to family leave

While a person’s job is often important to them, the person’s family is often the most important. People will do anything to take care of their family. This often requires taking time away from work when family members are sick. As this blog explained in a recent post, the Family Medical Leave Act allows certain California employees to take up to 12 unpaid weeks off of work to care for qualifying family members. California state laws — including the California Family Rights Act — also provide employees protection when family members are ill.

However, these absences can be inconvenient for employers. Therefore, some employers may try to violate these important employment laws and deny a person medical leave. When this happens, employees need to understand their rights and remedies under the law.

Our law firm has been helping California employees fight for their right to medical leave for more than two decades. Our experience can be invaluable for those who have been denied medical leave. We can help when an employer denies an employee the right to take care of a sick parent, a new baby or a spouse’s medical condition. We can also help when people have been fired for taking medical leave that they were entitled to take.

We have extensive knowledge of the federal and state laws that apply in these situations. Our firm can investigate the situation to make sure these rules were appropriately applied. If they weren’t then, employees may be able to negotiate with employers for damages. If negotiation fails, a court case may be necessary.

See our family leave webpage for more information on how our firm — Avila and Shaddow — can assist those that have issues using their medical leave.

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