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On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Sexual Harassment

California workers have certain rights when it comes to the workplace. These rights help to make sure that workers are not subject to discriminatory treatment while at work. They also help to protect people against other illegal or unwanted behavior. In particular, when it comes to sexual harassment, California employment laws prevent employers from allowing a hostile work environment.

As we explained in a previous post, employers are responsible for training employees about sexual harassment laws within the state. While employees may hope that this training is enough to prevent a hostile work environment, it may not be. Some employers allow discrimination based on sex, sexual harassment, sexual jokes or unwanted sexual advances that make it hard for a person to do that person’s job.

Our law firm understand the reality of some California workplaces. We know that employers often turn a blind eye to sexual harassment, discrimination and other harmful behavior. Our attorneys recognize that many people go to work each day and suffer as a result. We also know how to stop the behavior.

We take the time to work with our clients to understand their employment situation. Depending on each unique situation, we then can negotiate with employers to craft a solution that may solve the issues and end the illegal treatment. If negotiation isn’t successful, then our law firm is fully prepared to litigate the issue to potentially get people the damages they deserve.

No one should unnecessarily suffer from a hostile work environment. With our help, people can put a stop to a hostile work environment and learn to love work again. For more information on how our firm can help those facing discrimination or sexual harassment at work, please see our Hostile Work Environment page.

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