California woman files $13 million wrongful termination suit

A California woman has sued her employer for wrongful termination. In this case, the woman claims that she was terminated by her employer following demeaning and inappropriate behavior. According to reports, the woman — a football player in the so-called “Lingerie Bowl” — was the personal assistance to a man. The woman says that the man used her has a way to attract the attention of other women.

In her wrongful termination lawsuit, the woman says that she had to attend parties between the man and strippers and prostitutes to make sure that no one stole from him while he was too intoxicated to take care of himself. The woman also claims that her boss made her expose her breasts — even while pregnant — so that he could do drugs off of her body. The woman says she was terminated six-weeks before she was due to give birth.

The woman is asking for $13 million in damages in her suit.

The man, on the other hand, claims that the woman is making up these allegations. He says that she was terminated because of her incompetence. He has filed a countersuit in the case. In his suit, he claims that the woman illegally used his credit cards, tried to get kickbacks in real estate deals and ran up miles on his car. In his suit, the man has asked the court to enforce a nondisclosure agreement and award damages.

While employers in California have a lot of discretion about when they can terminate employees, they cannot do so for certain reasons. Employees cannot be terminated in retaliation for complaining about illegal activity or unsafe working conditions, for example. Employment laws also prohibit terminating a person based on discrimination.

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