How to respond to a wrongful termination

California employees can lose their job with pretty much no warning. When this happens, people can feel a wide range of emotions. From sadness to anger and regret, people have to pick up the pieces and move on. However, when people believe that they have been wrongfully terminated, it can be harder to move past. People in this situation should also understand that they may have legal rights to compensation or to their old job.

When a person suspects that a wrongful termination has taken place, there are several ways the person can respond. By taking certain steps, people can protect themselves and their legal rights. One of the first things people should do is contact an employment law attorney. An attorney can help to ensure that people’s rights were not violated and help to explain all their rights.

In addition to hiring an attorney, people should inquire with their old employer about the reasons they were terminated. This can help to give some insight into the situation. As part of this inquiry, people should request to view any personnel files that the employer may have. People should also try to determine who made the decision to terminate the person.

People should also take care not to take any negative action against the employer. Instead, people should gather evidence of any promises made by the employer to the employee. People should also review their employment contracts — if applicable. Any company property should be promptly returned.

If the company is willing to enter into severance package negotiations, people may want to participate. However, in these situations, people should again make sure to know their legal rights. They should also make sure they get any terms in writing.

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