The importance of termination letters of employees

Being fired from a job can be emotionally traumatizing. After all, someone deciding that you are not important enough to work in a particular job, or that your skills are not worthy of being employed can be emotionally devastating. However, a firing could be just the culmination of a personality conflict; and in some circumstances, it could be liberating.

Regardless of how you feel about being let go, it is important for you to have a copy of your termination letter. Depending on what is in the letter, and your individual circumstances, it may serve as the basis for a wrongful termination lawsuit. As an employee, you have to remember that you can be fired for any reason (even a dumb reason), as long as it is not an illegal reason.

With that said, this post will highlight a few good reasons for having a termination letter. 

Documentation of what went wrong – A termination letter that details what you did wrong is important because it makes official the reasons why you were fired. If it suggests that you were let go because you took part in legal activities, you may have an opportunity to fight for your rights.

Chances to dispute what’s in the letter – While you may disagree with the reasons for your termination, there are instances where you will have to dispute untrue statements and hold your former employer accountable for libelous statements.

Confirmation of a termination date – In the event you seek unemployment benefits, your termination letter can serve as confirmation of the actual date you would be eligible for benefits. 

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