Tips for millennials who may want to leave a job

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2015 | Employee Rights

Much has been said about millennials and their place they have (or at least the place millennials think they should have) in the workplace. Some believe that millennials are self-absorbed and deluded by a sense of entitlement. Others believe that they are simply brilliant and are not given the credit they deserve for innovative personalities.

Whatever the case, it is very common for millennials these days to switch jobs after relatively short stints at a company. This means that this generation is more apt to quit a job than other generations. With that said, millennials should take the following tips into consideration before moving on from a job.

The risk of being labeled – A slew of short tenures could suggest a lack commitment or focus on what you really want to do. This could turn future employers off and lead to you being labeled a “job hopper.”

Moving up may be more difficult – Again, multiple short stints at different employers may suggest that you are not employable for long periods of time and this may make it difficult for you to move up in the company you wish to work for

Have a landing spot before flying the coop – As we alluded to earlier, quitting jobs is quite common for millennials. But having a new job in line is critical before leaving your current job. Voluntarily leaving a job may prevent you from securing unemployment compensation as well as claiming any benefits that you may have secured while you worked at the company. 

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