New informational poster outlines FMLA

California employees who are covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act may see a new poster appearing in their workplaces soon. The Department of Labor has issued a new poster that provides information about the law, and employers covered under the law are required to display this information for their employees.

The information on the poster is designed to outline benefits, protections, eligibility and other information about FMLA in a manner that is easy to understand. The DOL also issued a new guide for employers along with the poster. The guide is 76 pages and does not contain any changes to the law, but is designed to be reader-friendly.

Using the new poster itself is not mandatory for employers, but either it or an older version with the same information must be displayed. The poster must be displayed where all employees can see it, and it must be in a language that employees can read and understand. Electronic posting is allowed as long as it meets the requirements. The information contained in the poster must be provided to each employee. Employers can be fined up to $110 for violating any of these regulations.

The FMLA is a federal law, and the state of California has a similar law, the California Family Rights Act. In addition to being required to provide leave to eligible employers under these laws, employers are also prohibited from discriminating against any employee who takes ite. For example, an employer cannot grant medical leave and then fire the employee for taking it. In addition to the FMLA and CFRA, pregnant employees are entitled to four months of additional leave under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. Any form of discrimination against or harassment of an employee who becomes sick or injured, becomes pregnant or takes medical leave could be the subject of a civil lawsuit.

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