Why employees facing sexual harassment may stay quiet

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Sexual Harassment

Many California residents who have been following the Fox News Channel sexual harassment case may be wondering why it took so long for CEO’s accusers to speak up. According to a psychotherapist who works with those who have suffered trauma in the past, the reasons could be associated with the power abusers often hold over their alleged victims.

There are many reasons why the victim of workplace sexual harassment may remain silent or refrain from reporting the harassment to a supervisor or human resource department. One of the main reasons deals with power. The person often involved in the harassment may be a supervisor, a boss or even an employee who has been with the company longer than the victim. Some employers overlook the harassment by failing to stop the abuse or not believing the employee.

In many cases, abusers may threaten the employee with more consequences if the employee reports the behavior. This may include more harassment, retaliation or demotion. If the abuser is a supervisor, victims may even fear that they could be fired or laid off. Some employees simply quit and attempt to remove themselves from the situation without being retaliated against.

If an employee reports an incident of sexual harassment and is then retaliated against as a result, an attorney can assist in filing a sexual harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The claim can be supported with evidence that shows that sexual harassment took place, including emails, text messages and testimony from other employees who may also have been victims.

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