How gender discrimination may impact men in California

While much has been made of gender bias against women at work, there are ways in which men can be discriminated against as well. For instance, after a woman has a baby, she is generally entitled to a period of leave as well as the ability to obtain a flexible schedule based on the child’s needs. In most cases, fathers are given limited rights as they aren’t thought of as caregivers.

In some cases, just the profession that a man chooses may open him up to ridicule. For instance, a man who wants to become a nurse may be insulted by his parents or others. Companies looking to hire workers to sell cosmetics or other items that may be deemed feminine may limit their search to just women. However, they may given women the opportunity to work in a men’s section even if they might not allow men to work in a women’s section.

If a man asks a woman out to lunch when he first starts working for a new company, it may start rumors of an affair or illicit relationship. The same may be true if a man gets a promotion or otherwise receives extra attention from a female boss. This may stem from a belief that men cannot stop themselves from using their sexuality to advance at work.

Workers of either gender who are subject to harassment on the job may wish to talk with an attorney. Doing so may make it possible to file legal action against an employer and seek compensation for wrongful termination or other illegal acts that may have taken place.

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