Famed chef Mario Batali accused of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Sexual Harassment

Individuals in California working in the hospitality industry are likely interested in the sexual misconduct and harassment accusations that have caused celebrity chef Mario Batali to step away from his business empire. His businesses include famous restaurants and a television show on ABC.

Mario Batali did not deny the allegations of misconduct that have been brought by a number of anonymous women. Instead, Batali apologized to the victims, his family, customers and fellow employees that he has hurt and mistreated. He stated that although the identity of all of the women who have brought accusations against him have not been revealed, the conduct he is being accused of does match the way he’s always acted. Accused of inappropriately touching or groping women, making inappropriate sexual comments and pressing his body against women, he said that he takes full responsibility for his actions and expressed pain and hurt over the discomfort he has caused others.

Mario Batali is the latest in a slew of powerful men from various professions who have been accused of sexual harassment. In addition to his restaurants and television shown, Batali has authored a cookbook and has a minority share in Eataly, an Italian market chain.

If an employee feels they have been the victim of harassment, they may be due compensation. A employment and personal injury lawyer can help a sexual harassment victim who has faced a hostile work environment or who had been forced to work in a quid pro quo environment. Some examples of sexual harassment include unwanted sexual advances, displaying suggestive objects, making graphic comments about the victim’s body or leaving suggestive or obscene notes or invitations. Personal injury lawyers may be able to help their clients reach a pretrial settlement or, when necessary, take the case to trial.

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